Who We Are

Our Story
The three founding partners, Bill Ross, Karol Ross, and Jenni Phillips, each contributed to the cognitive science movement and its significant breakthroughs over the past 35 years. Upon forming CPG, they made their mark in the expert decision making and military training community. They have pioneered research into the development of skilled performance and product design in decision-centered training and assessment for all echelons of command.
Since its inception, CPG has welcomed several talented researchers and practitioners who have applied scientific advancements to real-world problems. Contributions include: scientific papers, research methodologies, practical applications, workshops, and critiques of decision support and training systems in several domains and industries.
Today, our agile, interdisciplinary team offers capabilities in designing and developing client-centered solutions that improve decision making and problem solving at individual, team, and organizational levels. We specialize in blending proven qualitative and quantitative research methods to characterize cognitive challenges and produce solutions for improving how people think and learn.

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Our Core Values
CPG is a values-based organization; we pursue our intellectual passions as a team, to make a difference for our clients.
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