Cognitive Performance Group

Our mission is to develop the decision-making expertise of individuals and teams with scientific rigor. 
We capture individual expertise to produce models and descriptions of skilled performance, job knowledge, and the path to expertise.
We design and develop interactive workshops, experiential learning exercises, instructional strategies, and other learning solutions to help organizations develop actionable strategy, individual contributors, and high-performing teams.
We create instruments to objectively and quantitatively measure domain knowledge, on-the-job performance, and cognitive skills like decision making and adaptability.
We develop training support packages that contribute to solution-centered training, including scenarios in virtual and live exercise settings, performance assessments, and facilitated after-action reviews.
Who We Are:
Founded on the basic principles of good science to drive meaningful, innovative learning solutions. Click below to learn more about our history and values.
Our Work:
 A selection of current and past projects highlighting our core capabilities. 
Click below to view CPG's projects. 
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