Holly Baxter

Chief Scientist

Holly C. Baxter, Ph.D. is the Chief Scientist at Cognitive Performance Group. She has spent over 25 years specializing in Instructional Design, Evaluation Metrics, Organizational Development, Knowledge Management, Leadership Development, and Training in government, military, and commercial environments. Her experience includes developing knowledge assessment methodologies for improving communication flow and organizational learning across countries and cultures and designing training to enhance situational awareness in high-stakes situations. She also designs embedded training solutions for enhanced human performance, develops evaluation metrics for cognitively-based training, and develops knowledge transfer strategies to accelerate the expertise development cycle. 
Holly is a certified Knowledge Management Professional and Six Sigma Black Belt. She has worked as a senior advisor and consultant for the United Nations Development Programme, the World Bank, U.S. Army and Marine Corps, Harvard Business School, and numerous Fortune 100 companies. She has published more than 50 articles, papers, and book chapters in the field of cognitively-based training solutions, human performance, and knowledge management. Holly has been an invited speaker at multiple conferences and events and has given many workshops on Cognitive Task Analysis, Vignette Development, Intuitive Decision-Making, Conducting Knowledge Assessments, Improving Knowledge Transfer, and Leadership Development.
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