Deb Peluso

Senior Scientist

Deb Peluso is a Senior Scientist for Cognitive Performance Group. She is a strategy, operating model design, and transformational change professional with over 20 years of experience working with leaders at all levels to build healthy, vibrant and productive organizations. Prior to joining CPG, she built and operated organization development, project management and performance improvement teams in financial services and healthcare, started and successfully ran her own company, The Change Collaborative, for more than ten years, and most recently built and managed the strategy and business consulting practices at an international consulting firm.
Deb’s career background as a cognitive scientist, researcher, project manager, organizational consultant, and entrepreneur enables her to bring holistic, practical, and relevant solutions to bear for her clients. She has architected large scale, multi-year business transformations, led the change strategy for enterprise resource planning implementations in healthcare and manufacturing settings, and architected the operating models for government agencies and companies across the organizational life cycle from start up through maturity. Deb’s focus on methodically-sound approaches ensures that clients benefit from proven solutions grounded in both the latest theory and best practices.
Deb is a published author in human factors, cognitive engineering, organization development, human resources and related literatures. She is a frequent presenter at conferences and professional meetings on topics including organization design and alignment, measuring change, managing adoption, knowledge management, leadership, decision making skills in high pressure situations, and situation awareness and sensemaking. She holds a BA in Psychology from the University of Dayton and a Master of Organization Development from Bowling Green State University.
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