Bradley Celestin

Senior Scientist

Bradley D. Celestin, Ph.D., is a Senior Scientist with Cognitive Performance Group, and an experimental psychologist with expertise in social, cognitive, quantitative, and computational domains. Before joining CPG, he was the Chair of Psychology and Philosophy and Director of Software Development at Bethel College in North Newton, KS. Dr. Celestin has years of experience developing curricula, teaching, speaking, coding, designing and managing research projects, conducting interviews and investigations, cleaning and analyzing data, and developing educational and research support structures and software. He has published peer-reviewed articles in top psychology-law journals, and done work in moral cognition, legal and law enforcement decision-making, teaching assessment and evaluation, and statistical methods (Bayesian and frequentist).
Prior to academia, Dr. Celestin spent eleven years as a commissioned law enforcement officer specializing in technology-facilitated crime--locally as a police detective for the Newton (Kansas) Police Department and as a federal agent for the Cyber Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Dr. Celestin holds a Ph.D. in Psychology from Indiana University, Bloomington.
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