Marc Pfahler


Marc D. Pfahler is a Research Scientist for Cognitive Performance Group working in the areas of Human Factors and Research Psychology with the U.S. military. His academic and professional research experience has primarily been in the fields of human factors and management consulting. Marc’s research interests include human trust factors, multimodal biometric systems, and human interactions with autonomous systems. His research has been implemented in Air Force training techniques for visual searches in complex environments, as well as in various company management communication feedback schemes. 
Marc has extensive experience in human-machine interactions and in data analysis, including questionnaire development, quantification, and statistical analysis. He has also led focus groups and management consultation workshops to improve elements of leader-team relationships both quantitively and qualitatively. Marc has presented his research findings at several conferences, in publications, and in technical reports. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology with High Honors and a minor in Business Administration from the University of Cincinnati.
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